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Prowadzenie: Dawid Markoff

Ile będzie kosztować iWatch, dlaczego tak drogo i kto go kupi? No i podstawowe pytanie: kogo skusi zegarek, którego żywot będzie trwać 2-3 lata (wsparcie, nowe technologie itp)? Ciekawe rozważania:

Apple doesn’t talk about unannounced products and rarely discusses discontinued ones. So how will it address the reality that the first-generation Apple Watch — including the expensive gold Edition — will quickly be followed by improved versions with different designs? Most luxury watches are designed to be worn for years; by contrast, the Apple Watch is inescapably a technology product with a limited lifespan, regardless of how it’s marketed. Just like iPhones, many early Apple Watch adopters will likely want a new model after a year or two, particularly if the first-generation version has significant battery life issues, or if later versions add useful sensors and other features.

apple watch

9to5mac: Apple’s pricing and sales experience will make or break Apple Watch

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iPad jeszcze żyje. Pomimo spadków sprzedaży w ostatnim kwartale ma się naprawdę świetnie, a konkurencji do niego jeszcze bardzo daleko. I nie, iPhone 6 Plus nie zje iPada mini – to już moja opinia.

In 2014, Gartner suggests that 216 million tablets were shipped. That’s 216 million tablets shipped in the entire calendar year of 2014. Adding up Apple’s last four quarterly device sales charts, we get the following:

This is Q4’14, Q3’14, Q2’14, and Q1’15, respectively:
12,316,000 + 13,276,000 + 16,350,000 + 26,035,000 =
67,977,000 iPad units sold by Apple in the year 2014

That’s over a quarter of the tablets Gartner suggests were shipped – not sold – by ALL manufacturers during the year. Though Apple’s iPad sales have fallen year-over-year, iPad lovers needn’t worry. Apple isn’t going to stop producing any time soon.

iPad Air 2

Slashgear: Happy Birthday iPad, you’re dead

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Zrobiło się wczoraj bardzo głośno o rekordowych wynikach Apple to i warto przypomnieć, gdzie ta firma powstała. Dziś akurat trafiłem na bardzo fajny tekst w magazynie TIME, który Wam to odrobinę przybliży. Koniecznie przeczytajcie!

My grandma’s house is your typical white, one-story house in the suburbs of the Silicon Valley—it has rustic red brick accents, baby blue trim, and a perfectly manicured front lawn. It’s also happens to have signs out front that read “No Trespassing. Security Cameras Are Filming. All Pictures Must Be Taken From Street.” To me, my grandma’s house is a second home, but to the rest of the world, it’s the place where Apple, Inc., was created.

Garaż Apple Jobs Wozniak

TIME: The World’s Most Profitable Company Ever Was Launched in My Grandma’s House

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…zastanawiają się na Engadget.

Apple is the mid-2000s Microsoft. Its revenues are as healthy as ever, but it’s become a company that seems to make things just because it has to, that doesn’t take risks, that plays catch-up. The closest it’s come to a really exciting announcement in recent years was the launch of a niche pro desktop PC.

Nudne Apple

Engadget: When did Apple become the boring one?

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