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Prowadzenie: Dawid Markoff

Ile będzie kosztować iWatch, dlaczego tak drogo i kto go kupi? No i podstawowe pytanie: kogo skusi zegarek, którego żywot będzie trwać 2-3 lata (wsparcie, nowe technologie itp)? Ciekawe rozważania:

Apple doesn’t talk about unannounced products and rarely discusses discontinued ones. So how will it address the reality that the first-generation Apple Watch — including the expensive gold Edition — will quickly be followed by improved versions with different designs? Most luxury watches are designed to be worn for years; by contrast, the Apple Watch is inescapably a technology product with a limited lifespan, regardless of how it’s marketed. Just like iPhones, many early Apple Watch adopters will likely want a new model after a year or two, particularly if the first-generation version has significant battery life issues, or if later versions add useful sensors and other features.

apple watch

9to5mac: Apple’s pricing and sales experience will make or break Apple Watch

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